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“the Zen mind of compassion and wisdom in the activity of daily life, living in harmony with all beings.”

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Jazz and Zen April 8th

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Dec. 31st Annual Bell Ringing Ceremony

Ring in the New Year by taking a swing at a giant 2,100-pound, 16th-century Japanese temple bell at the Asian Art Museum. Led by Rev. Gengo Akiba, with opening remarks about the Japanese New Year by Yoshie Akiba, this inspiring ceremony will include a purification ritual and chanting of the Buddhist Heart Sutra. Rev. Akiba […]


Koji-An Rohatsu Seshin December 1st to 8th All meals will be informal, please let Yoshi or Hiro know when you will join. You are welcome to bring food to share if you wish.             Sundays Dec. 1 & 8             6 to 6:50 Zazen 6:50 to […]

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Dharma Talk on Precepts by Rev. Gengo Akiba

The most fundamental Buddhist verse on precepts is titled, “Shichibutsu-tsukai-no-ge”. That means the precepts verse of the seven Buddhas before Shakyamuni Buddha. There are four lines: No evil is committed, Every good is done, Keeping your mind pure, All this is the teaching of the Buddhas. When my master ordained me, he wrote these four […]

Address given by Akiba Roshi at the Zenshuji Jukai-e Ceremony

  The following was an address given by Akiba Roshi to those attending a Jukai-e ceremony (receiving the Precepts Ceremony) at Zenshuji. The address has been edited to facilitate a general audience.   As Jukai-e recipients, please express your gratitude to the various priests who come to help and participate in the event. Please also […]

Tempyō-zan Building Project

The Sotoshu is a Zen Buddhist School based on the eternal and universal principle of “abiding by the True Dharma singularly transmitted by the Buddha-ancestors, and realizing shikantaza (just sitting) and sokushinzebutsu (Mind itself is Buddha).” Priests as well as the temple members and supporters of the Sotoshu revere the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, Dogen […]

Zen and Culture

To speak of “Zen and culture” is to enter such a vast topic that it is easy to get in over our heads. It is a topic that could easily fill a thick volume in a lecture series. In writing this short article that is limited because of space restrictions, I read several books on […]

Dance Workshops

Yoshie Akiba offers occasional workshops in spiritual interpretive dance. She has trained and performed in ballet and modern dance for more than four decades. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of California at Berkeley, and both a Master of Arts in Dance Therapy and a Master of Fine Arts in […]